About Us

The Comprehensive Oilfield Service & Supply Database (COSSD) is the most efficient method to search through and find qualified businesses in the North America and beyond. The COSSD has been building relationships between companies in the oilpatch for over 35 years and continues to evolve to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

More than 13,000 listings in over 1,200 oilfield and related categories help to make the COSSD the most widely used database in the industry. An unmatched track record in targeted distribution and market penetration solidifies the COSSD’s reputation as the definitive guide to the oil and gas industry.


The history of the COSSD




Inaugural issue of Canadian Oil Field Yellow Pages Directory with 50,000 distribution in western Canada.

Price of oil $32/bbl

COSSD 1983


Name changes to Canadian Oilfield Service & Supply Directory.

Price of oil $29/bbl

COSSD 1996


Shorten the name to the COSSD. Launch of Profiler magazine, a supplement to the COSSD.

Price of oil $20.46/bbl

COSSD 2000


The COSSD celebrates its 20th year with the launch of COSSD.com.

Price of oil $27.39/bbl

COSSD 2005


The COSSD celebrates its 25th year anniversary. The COSSD becomes available on CD-ROM.

Price of oil $50.04/bbl

COSSD 2008


JuneWarren Publishing and Nickle’s Energy Group merge to become JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group.

Price of oil: $91.48/bbl

COSSD 2012


The COSSD available on BlackBerry, iPhone, GPS and DVD.

Price of oil $103/bbl

COSSD 2015


The COSSD name changes to Comprehensive Oilfield Service & Supply Database

Price of oil $46.68/bbl

COSSD 2012


The COSSD has a rich 35-year history providing the oil and gas service and supply industry a place to get business done. You can count on COSSD.com to always be there today and for years to come.